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Air Bagan

Myanmar’s economic downturn hits aviation sector

Three airlines in Myanmar suspended operations in the recent past, citing economic losses and a shortage of aircraft. Two of them, Yangon-based Air Bagan...
Two new airlines to take off in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation says two new domestic airlines, Apex and FMI, are expecting to gain the green light soon to begin flying...
New private airline takes off in Myanmar

A new private airline in Myanmar, called Mann Yatanarpon, airline will start flying to local destinations across the country on February 27, according to...
Myanmar gets four new private airlines

Four new local airlines will be launched in Myanmar in the near future after having submitted application for operation permission with the country's Department...
With whom not to deal in Myanmar

Despite its economic opening, Myanmar remains on the radar of US authorities which, even though broad restrictions on investment and trade with Myanmar have...