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Indonesia, Laos to buy 13 Sukhoi Superjets from Russia

Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft will supply Laos and Indonesia with a total of thirteen new SSJ 100-95 aircraft, Russia's Minister for Economic Development, Alexei...
Garuda stocks up fleet with 35 turboprops

Garuda, Indonesia's national airline, will lease as many as 35 ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft from Nordic Aviation Capital, ATR said in a statement on...
Lao Central Airlines first to deploy Sukhoi jet in SE Asia

Lao Central Airlines, the new private carrier in Laos, has been the first airline in Southeast Asia to deploy a Russian-made Sukhoi SuperJet on...

The Arab world’s largest airline carrier, Emirates, has decided to order even more new airplanes than previously anticipated in the next few months.  There...