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All Nippon Airways

Asian, Asia-Pacific carriers dominate list of world’s top 10 airlines

Frequent flyers might be interested to know which the world's top 10 airlines are in terms of safety, comfort and innovation, as well as...
Two airlines end direct flights to Myanmar

Two airlines that only recently started direct flights to Myanmar have cancelled their routes due to having few passengers. Germany-based Condor Airline and Thai-based Business...
Japan’s ANA buys stake in Myanmar airline

All Nippon Airways, or ANA, has said on August 27 it is buying a 49 per cent stake in Myanmar carrier Asian Wings Airways,...
Emirates, ANA look into Philippine Airlines stake

Loss-making Philippine Airlines is on the outlook for partnerships and new investors after majority owner San Miguel Corporation said that it wants to reduce...
Qatar Airways Myanmar1

Newly launched  air connections of international carriers to Myanmar's largest city Yangon have experienced a massive demand over the last months, prompting airliners to...