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Laos to get its first smart city

The Laos government has plans to set up a smart and eco city in its northwestern Oudomxay province within the province’s Namor district and...
Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard to become growth engine

Thailand's economic heartland on its southeastern coast, namely in the provinces Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao, has been designated to become the country's economic growth...
An industrialist’s baroque dream: Visit to Amata Castle

There are many ways millionaires spend their money. Some buy fancy cars, others prefer downtown luxury penthouses, a yacht or a private jet, or...
Thailand floods close factories again

Flooding at an industrial estate east of the Thai capital has forced the closure of two foreign-owned factories producing electronic spare parts, but the...

The momentum for initial public offerings at the Thai bourse will continue in 2013 with more than 30 potential listings in the pipeline, the...