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ASEAN Community

Myanmar pledges to shine as ASEAN chair

Myanmar has pledged to undertake well the leadership role of ASEAN in 2014 in gaining the momentum of ASEAN achievements, fulfilling the 2015 ASEAN...
ASEAN 2014: Myanmar’s chance to shine

No country resembles a laboratory of political and economic development more than Myanmar. A country with effectively two capitals, old and new, in Yangon...
What to expect from the upcoming 23rd ASEAN Summit in Brunei

As Brunei's chairmanship of ASEAN slowly turns to an end, the country is hosting the 23rd ASEAN summit on October 9-10, the next in...
Myanmar ‘ready to take ASEAN leadership role’

Myanmar is ready to take on the leadership role in ASEAN when it will chair the bloc in 2014, a crucial year to prepare...
Intervie – Thinking ASEAN in business

Grooming executives: Asian Institute of Management

Le Luong Minh, who took over the five-year tenure as ASEAN Secretary-General on January 1, 2013, talked to Inside Investor about pressing issues to resolve.

Within the sometimes chaotic politics in ASEAN countries, there are patterns that good governance is emerging, with select members leading the bloc by example while others falter, writes Justin Calderon.

Asked where they would currently see the biggest opportunities for profitable investments in ASEAN, Inside Investor readers voted equally for Myanmar and Indonesia as the countries where things are happening.

The common question arising among all ASEAN member countries is how to become well integrated to be able to enjoy benefits from each other and, at the same time, to avoid harming or exploiting local markets.