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ASEAN Exchanges

Bank listing to boost Vietnam stock market

The listing of the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), the nation’s second-largest lender by assets,is expected to boost liquidity on the...
Stock exchanges CEOs draft ASEAN asset class

At the 19th ASEAN Exchanges CEOs meeting held in Manila on August 16, presidents of ASEAN stock exchanges discuss strategies to further promote ASEAN...
Liberalisation bodes well for ASEAN capital markets

The liberalisation of ASEAN capital markets is making great strides this year. This bodes well for companies throughout the region and, consequently, for ASEAN's...
Foreign investors flock to Vietnam stocks

Since the top of 2013 through June 5, foreign investors have been net buyers of $244 million in Vietnamese stocks, the largest year-to-date purchases by since 2008.
Vietnam to host Invest ASEAN roadshow

The seven CEOs of ASEAN Exchanges have said that the next rollout phase of the regional investment roadshow Invest ASEAN 2013 will be held...
Grabbing the opportunity: IPOs kick off in ASEAN

ASEAN is set to become the world’s most active region for initial public offerings in 2013 after it has already earned a solid reputation in this field with several mega-IPOs happening in Malaysia in 2012.
Bursa Malaysia1

With three ASEAN stock exchanges already connected and four others to follow over the coming years to represent the ASEAN Trading Link, bourses are...
Stock Trading

The ASEAN trading link, a combined exchange platform between seven ASEAN bourses, is taking shape. Three countries, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have already joined...
Laos Bourse1

The stock exchanges of ASEAN countries are attracting increasing attention from foreign investors with capital markets in the 10 member-bloc showing a strong momentum...