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ASEAN Summit

23rd ASEAN Summit opened in Brunei

The 23rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit kicked off in Brunei on October 9, bringing together leaders from ten ASEAN member states. Themed...
ASEAN 2014: Myanmar’s chance to shine

No country resembles a laboratory of political and economic development more than Myanmar. A country with effectively two capitals, old and new, in Yangon...
Inside ASEAN 2013/14 hits shelves

Inside Investor launches brand new report at 23rd ASEAN Summit
What to expect from the upcoming 23rd ASEAN Summit in Brunei

As Brunei's chairmanship of ASEAN slowly turns to an end, the country is hosting the 23rd ASEAN summit on October 9-10, the next in...
Lessons learnt: The end of a volatile summer for ASEAN

The surprise announcement by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on September 19 that the Fed will not taper its money stimulus programme yet came...
ASEAN foreign ministers meet in Hua Hin

In another step to discuss the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will gather...
Myanmar ‘ready to take ASEAN leadership role’

Myanmar is ready to take on the leadership role in ASEAN when it will chair the bloc in 2014, a crucial year to prepare...
India, ASEAN to sign free trade agreement

On July 31, Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam announced that India and ASEAN will sign a free trade agreement (FTA) on services and investment...
Indonesia pressured to ratify fire treaty

ASEAN nations gathering in Brunei for a meeting of foreign ministers have urged Indonesia to take greater action to prevent the regularly occurring smoke...
India, ASEAN to sign free trade pact in August

The long-awaited agreement on trade in services and investment between India and the ten ASEAN nations will be inked at the ASEAN economic ministers...
ASEAN ministers seek solution for South China Sea conflict

Southeast Asian foreign ministers gathered on June 30 at the ASEAN summit in Brunei to intensify discussions with China on a binding code of...
ASEAN meeting overshadowed by tensions

The disastrous haze caused by Indonesian forest fires over the past weeks and rekindled territorial disputes in the South China Sea are among the...
US investment shifts to ASEAN

As China and India begin to lose luster, private investors are increasingly setting their gaze on the diverse and rapidly growing countries of ASEAN....
Few in ASEAN aware of upcoming integration (video)

The majority of the 600-million population in ASEAN are unaware of upcoming changes in the ten-member bloc, especially about new measures that are intended...
Common ASEAN visa system in the making

Four ASEAN countries on June 5 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia 2013 held in Myanmar signed an agreement to facilitate...
Transforming ASEAN into a knowledge-driven economy

ASEAN is at the crossroads. The vibrant economies of the majority of its 10 members are prone to an unprecedented change in their economic and societal structure, wealth distribution and nature of labour.
ASEAN business visa policy favourable for Qatar

A multi-state visa for ASEAN visitors is a highly desirable and necessary way to improve the region’s growth prospects. And, this will be a great relief for business travelers who want to explore various opportunities in the region.
AEC: Will it just remain a vision?

The 22nd ASEAN Summit in Brunei has made a very clear statement with regards to the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community. It turned out that ten-member bloc will most likely not be able to meet its target.