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Asian Development Bank

Laos’ strong growth expected to continue

Laos' impressive economic growth is set to continue booming for the next few years, according to a report released last month by the National...
Heavy losses for Hun Sen in Cambodia election

The Cambodia elections held on July 28 brought massive gains for the opposition party, early results show. While Prime Minister Huns Sen's Cambodian People’s...
Women could sow greater food security

Empowering women to reach their full potential in the agriculture sector could create unleash greater productivity, a report released by the Asian Development Bank...
ASEAN consumers among world’s most confident

A recent report by consumer research firm Nielsen showed that people in ASEAN countries are among the world's most confident consumers due to dynamic...
Cambodia expects 7.6% growth in 2013

Ahead of the general elections in Cambodia on July 28, which are overshadowed by a possible ban of opposition leader and ruling prime minister...
ADB trims Asia growth outlook

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on July 16 trimmed its growth outlook for developing Asia for 2013-2014 due to an ongoing slowdown in China,...
Myanmar energy of top concern

September energy summit to connect investors
Bangkok’s Skytrain mulls metro bid in Vietnam

The operator of Bangkok's Skytrain, Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), said it plans to join the bidding to operate two electric trains in Vietnam's...
Ecotourism in Laos: A thriving industry

The small landlocked ASEAN nation of Laos is increasingly becoming popular with travellers. International arrivals in Laos soared 22 per cent in 2012, hitting...
Ten reasons the Philippines won’t shrug off its laggard label

It has been called the “new economic dragon,” a far cry from the hitherto ignominious reputation the country once commonly conjured up. Long one...
ADB’s anti-poverty projects in the Philippines slammed

Manila-based Asian Development Bank, an institution focused on economic support and poverty eradication in developing Asian countries, has been criticised by its own internal...
Indonesia’s role as regional heavyweight

“We are blessed with every kind of energy that you can think of,” an Indonesian energy expert recently gushed during a forum at the...
Renewables: The green, clean job machine

A potent weapon of persuasion has been floating about the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this past week during the Asia Clean Energy Forum, held...
Thailand mulls taking Indonesia’s fuel-hike poison

Thailand is considering following the recent path taken by Indonesia to eradicate costly fuel subsidies, a programme that amounted to $8 billion in 2012...
Massive rise in Asia fuel imports predicted

Asia’s voracious demand for power will force greater amounts of fuel imports in the decades to come, an Asian Development Bank (ADB) report has...
Can remote Papua New Guinea become a high-tech hub?

When a mental image of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is conjured up, one of semi-nude land-before-time tribes seems more likely to appear than that...
Semiconductor investment to spark Philippine jobs

The most glaring chink in the Philippines’ economic armour, high unemployment is now being more concertedly addressed with the funneling of investment into the...
Myanmar rice exports could double by 2020

A sector that employs over 70 per cent of the workforce and contributes 43 per cent to GDP, agriculture in Myanmar has become rightly...