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aviation safety

Thai aviation safety upgrade to boost air traffic

Smaller airlines in Thailand, as well as discount carriers, are expected to benefit the most from the lifting of a red flag classification against...
Troubles mount as budget airline boom in Thailand tops out

The emergence of evermore low-cost carriers in Thailand has caused a number of troubles for the country’s aviation industry that could have repercussions on...
Dozens of Indonesian airlines remain on EU blacklist

A large number of Indonesian airlines, among them Lion Air and Indonesia AirAsia X, remained on the updated EU Air Safety List, a list...
Safety downgrade heavy blow for Thai aviation industry

The downgrading of Thailand's aviation safety ratings by US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on December 1 is feared to cause big headwinds for the...
Thai Airways could be banned from flying to US

Only a few weeks after Thai Airways International escaped inclusion on the European Union's Air Safety List of airlines with substandard safety levels even...