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Bandar Seri Begawan

Brunei’s economy shows signs of recovery, but oil and gas remain only drivers

Despite Brunei’s attempts to diversify its economy, only increases in oil and gas production in the first quarter of 2018 have boosted the country’s...
Ramadan’s over: A stroll through Brunei’s Gadong Night Market

Among the remarkably plentiful sights to see in Brunei is one place everybody who is interested in Asian food and/or authentic local markets shouid...
Tourism arrivals in Brunei soar an unexpected 18%

Brunei recorded an 18.3-per cent increase in tourist arrivals in 2017, exceeding the projected ten per cent growth set for last year, the country's...
Singapore costliest, KL cheapest city for expats in ASEAN

Singapore remains the most expensive city for expats in the Association for Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, according to the 2016 Cost of Living...
Royal Brunei Airlines reports 6.8 per cent passenger growth in 2013

Being the biggest carrier at Bandar Seri Begawan (where it commands around 77 per cent of all weekly seats this October, followed by Cebu...
PISA results highlight urgent need for education push in ASEAN

The latest global student survey of the Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, issued last week, has not been all too flattering for...
Myanmar pledges to shine as ASEAN chair

Myanmar has pledged to undertake well the leadership role of ASEAN in 2014 in gaining the momentum of ASEAN achievements, fulfilling the 2015 ASEAN...
Oman, Brunei seek to forge closer ties

Oman is keen to establish air connectivity with Brunei to increase business activities between the two countries, according to the outgoing ambassador of Oman...
Malaysian Airlines expands routes, capacity

Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) is expanding its capacity and increasing its frequency to regional spots and new international destinations with more flights to...
Finished: The frist Dreamliner for Southeast Asia

It's done and painted: The new aircraft that left Boeing's hangars in Seattle is nothing less than the first Dreamliner to be delivered to...
The ups and downs of Brunei tourism

Many a thoughts have been given as to how Brunei can attract more tourists to its small territory, which with no doubt boasts attractive...
Will Brunei benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Brunei will again stand in the limelight when the next talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the "trade accord of the 21st century", as...
Brunei set to become a major hub of BIMP-EAGA

Brunei could greatly improve its role in the region as a major business and transport hub within the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines-East ASEAN Growth...
Brunei caning astonishes business world

By sentencing two foreign workers of Thai nationality to "strokes of the cane" for overstaying their visa and work permit, Brunei has caused disconcertment...
Tourism masterplan to help boost Brunei’s GDP

Brunei has now embarked on the roll-out of a major tourism masterplan that aims to boost tourism numbers in the Sultanate to a level which would help the industry contribute to a larger extent to the country's GDP..
ASEAN and its unravelling integration dreams

Standing shoulder to shoulder, ASEAN members may show a strong look of unity. But behind the smiles and handshakes, predictably conventional barriers to integration will wedge them apart, finds Justin Calderon.
No Sabah solution ahead of ASEAN Summit

Ahead of the ASEAN Summit being held in Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan on April 24 and 25, conflicting reports continue to emerge from...
Brunei Sultan, Aquino promote stability

Bruneian flags waved alongside their Filipino counterparts across Makati on April 15 welcoming Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei on his two-day trip to...