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Axiata to merge Asian business with Telenor The two telecom companies Axiata from Malaysia and Telenor from Norway are...
Malaysia facing severe labour shortage after foreign worker ban

The Malaysian industry suffers from a severe shortage of manpower two months after the government decided to suspend the recruitment of new foreign workers....
Malaysia shuts door to all foreign workers – source countries confused

The Malaysian government in a sign of distress as a result of slowing economic growth and a tightening job market in the country surprisingly...
Qatar to help Indonesia shelter Rohingya migrants

The wealthy Arab nation of Qatar on May 28 pledged $50 million to help Indonesia shelter Muslim Rohingya migrants from Myanmar, the official Qatar...
Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Djibouti have world’s lowest labour costs

A new study shows that three Asian countries, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Cambodia, and the small East African nation of Djibouti, have the world’s lowest...
Myanmar census a surprise: 9 million people less than estimated

Myanmar has discovered it has only 51 million people - far less than the previously estimated 60 million, according to preliminary results of the...
Are hearts dead?

A conversation on Ethics in Business with Mukesh Kapila, humanitarian
H&M pledges to pay ‘fair wages’ to Cambodian workers

The world’s second-largest clothing retailer H&M has announced what it believes is a roadmap toward paying a “fair living wage” by 2018 to approximately...
1.4 million Bangladeshis seeking work in Malaysia

Around 1.4 million Bangladeshi citizens have registered for work permits in Malaysia, the government in Putrajaya said. However, only 500,000 of them were qualified...
Foreign workers in Malaysia sent home $6.1b in 2012

Overseas remittance by foreign workers in Malaysia amounted to $6.1 billion in 2012, said Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan according to local media reports....
Deadly fire in Bangladesh garment factory (video)video

At least nine people have been killed in a fire at a garment factory in the Bangladeshi town of Gazipur, 40 kilometers north of the...
Cheapest labour in Asia: Not Myanmar, not Bangladesh

In the past years, there has been a notable shift of labour costs within Asia, and China is no longer leading the pack. The...
Excellency in medicine

Dr. Chong Su-Lin, CEO of Prince Court, shares her strategy
Bangladesh bank opens in Kuala Lumpur

In order to tap the lucrative $1 billion remittance market of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia, Bangladesh's City Bank Ltd has opened a branch in...
Our Series: Ethics in Business – ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Fair Game’ – Who benefits, really?

A conversation with Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Secretary General, MITI
Malaysia starts ‘flushing out’ illegal immigrants

Malaysia on September 1 launched a large-scale immigration operation to swiftly deport nearly half a million illegal foreign workers. It is the largest crackdown...
Pulses and beans offer Myanmar top trade window

Before Myanmar was shackled by decades of dictatorship, the country was the world’s top exporter of rice. Today, that title belongs to India –...
Ethno-religious strife in Myanmar continues

The leader of an anti-Muslim, nationalist political movement in Myanmar narrowly dodged an assassination attempt July 26 when a bomb went off near him...