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Barclays cuts hundreds of jobs in Asia, exits South Korea, Taiwan

British bank Barclays is closing its investment banking units in Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as in Australia and Russia,...
Malaysia grows 6.4% in second quarter, tops forecasts

Malaysia's economy expanded at a faster-than-expected pace in the second quarter, data released on August 15 showed, boosted by strong exports and robust consumption. Gross...
Philippine rating upgrade ‘in 3 months’

The Philippines is expecting at least one more credit rating upgrade in the next three months, according to a research note by First Metro...
Looking East: The tourism investment angle in Southeast Asia

The Gulf states, especially Qatar, find a promising area for investment in ASEAN in the tourism sector, as a number of ventures by Qatari investment institutions have shown in the recent past.

IPIC (The International Petroleum Investment Company) revealed in recently disclosed financial statements that the Abu Dhabi government-backed corporation posted a 65% decrease in profits...