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Bay of Bengal

Myanmar, China agree on new deep sea-port on cheaper terms

Myanmar and China have signed an agreement on November 8 on a controversial deep sea port project in the Bay of Bengal, allowing Beijing...
China opens valve for Myanmar gas pipeline

A 793-kilometer natural gas pipeline (see map here) linking China’s Yunnan province with the Bay of Bengal through Myanmar opened on July 28, a...
Chinese investment in Myanmar drops

While interest of other foreign investors in Myanmar is surging, Chinese investment in the newly opened Myanmar economy has fallen over the past year...
China-Laos railway to commence

Construction is slated to start soon on the new China-backed 418-kilometer railroad that will snake through Yunnan province into Southeast Asia, linking together Kunming;...
Dawei Draft

The Dawei deep-sea port and industrial zone project received support from Thai and Myanmar leaders on July 23 in an attempt to soften the...