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Foreign business people flee Vietnam as riots escalate

As a result of violent Anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that culminated in looting and setting fire to Chinese-owned factories, the airport in Ho Chi...
Beijing, Hong Kong issue Vietnam travel warning after Chinese factories torched

Beijing and Hong Kong authorities have warned their citizens against travel to Vietnam after protesters, angry over oil drilling in disputed waters, ran amok...
South China Sea dispute casts a cloud over ASEAN summit in Myanmar

Leaders of Southeast Asia's regional bloc met on May 11 in a historic summit overshadowed by soaring tensions in the South China Sea and...
Philippines offers oil-and-gas tender in disputed waters

The Philippines on May 9 launched a tender for exploration rights in 11 oil and gas blocks, including one in a disputed area of...
South China Sea dispute escalates over oil rig (video)video

Vietnam warned China that it would take all necessary measures to defend its interests in the South China Sea if Beijing does not remove...
Japan’s investments in Southeast Asia surge

Japanese companies' investments in Southeast Asia surged in 2013 to almost three times the amount invested in China, after relations between Beijing and Tokyo...
Philippines, Hong Kong settle 2010 hostage row

Hong Kong on April 23 scrapped travel sanctions against the Philippines after Manila offered an apology and compensation for a hostage tragedy almost four...
MH370 crisis: 30% of Chinese tourists cancel bookings to Malaysia

Close to 30 per cent of Chinese tourists have cancelled their bookings to visit Malaysia this year since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight...
Moments of truth reveal true face of a leader

Prof. G. 'Anand' Anandalingam in a conversation on business ethics
Chinese now boycott all things Malaysian

From beach vacations to entertainers, all things Malaysian are now being boycotted in China in protest of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370...
China to invest more than $300b in smart cities

The accumulated investment in China's "smart city " effort is on track to exceed 2 trillion yuan ($322 billion) by 2025, fueled by a...
MH370 crash announcement followed by protests

Some 200 relatives of passengers of the ill-fated flight Malaysia Airlines MH370 on March 25 gathered in Beijing to march to the Malaysian embassy,...
Philippines to buy military aircraft for $524m

The Philippines said on March 21 that it will buy $525-million worth of aircraft from South Korea and Canada as part of a military...
Two possible flight paths for MH370

Intelligence analysis of satellite data received from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 now suggests two possible flight paths for the aircraft. US aviation...
MH370 search to include Myanmar territory

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has turned to Myanmar, with the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) giving permission for search operations to...
Malaysia criticised how it has handled airplane crisis

The disappearance of flight Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is casting a harsh spotlight on Malaysia's government, as a leadership unused to heavy scrutiny comes...
MH370 case shows Malaysia gvmt’s disorganisation

Confusion in the global community and frustration among the passengers' relatives of missing flight Malaysia Airlines MH370 grew as a high military official first...
Four scenarios for missing flight MH370

A Boeing 777, one of the world's most reliable aircraft, is missing over a busy area and no one knows why. In a report on...