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Alstom looks into power projects in Myanmar

French conglomerate Alstom is eyeing to take advantage of opportunities in the Myanmar’s hydropower sectors, the company's chairman and CEO Patrick Kron said. The firm...
China opens valve for Myanmar gas pipeline

A 793-kilometer natural gas pipeline (see map here) linking China’s Yunnan province with the Bay of Bengal through Myanmar opened on July 28, a...
Infographic: Top travel destinations in Asia

Asia is fast growing to be travel destinations for many tourists and has managed to attract people from all across the world. Countries like...
Remembering the salad towers of Pizza Hut China

You visit Pizza Hut in China; you just paid 28 renminbi ($4.57) for full access to their salad bar, you are limited to one...
China-ASEAN trade forecast to hit $500b by 2015

Bilateral trade between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will reach $500 billion by 2015, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Gao...
China: Digging out the wealth deep within

Targeting high rollers in the Asia-Pacific to pitch your latest, most inspired service or product? You’d be right-minded to set your scopes on China,...
Chinese ex-minister gets death sentence for corruption

A court in Beijing has sentenced China's former railway minister Liu Zhijun to death over charges of bribery and power abuse. The death sentence...
ASEAN meeting overshadowed by tensions

The disastrous haze caused by Indonesian forest fires over the past weeks and rekindled territorial disputes in the South China Sea are among the...
Trade vs Territory: Southeast Asia’s rocky boundaries

The shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine coast guard has instigated yet another needless flashpoint in the rocky waters of Southeast Asia. Nationalistic governments fail to understand the order of the global economy.
Singapore, HK vie for yuan gateway

After Singapore doubled its currency swap agreement with China in March, the city-state has been given the upper hand over Hong Kong in becoming...
ASEAN, Hong Kong work on trade pact

Hong Kong and ASEAN have agreed to pursue a bilateral free trade agreement, the city's Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Gregory So Kam-leung,...
Obama to push TPP with Singapore PM

US President Barack Obama will welcome Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to the White House on April 2, as he seeks to bolster...
The wide kaleidoscope of ASEAN politics

Within the sometimes chaotic politics in ASEAN countries, there are patterns that good governance is emerging, with select members leading the bloc by example while others falter, writes Justin Calderon.
Property market in the Philippines: Too hot or not?

With the economic boom being seen in the Philippines, nouveau wealth is appearing in the country, boosting the property market. Experts are at strife about the question whether a bubble is in formation.
Brunei can tap into regional investment opportunities

As the ASEAN region keeps growing and the attention of the global business community is turning eastwards, Brunei will start to play a more significant role in bilateral investments in the region.

The Malaysian government has awarded the task to build the Malaysian embassy complex in Moscow, Russia, to the consortium of Bina Puri-Beringin Waja led...
China is not the next hegemon

This common perceptive is misguided. China – for all its superlative stature – nowadays faces numerous stumbling blocks in achieving its touted hegemony potential, writes Justin Calderon.
S’pore property developer eyes $1.36b IPO

Singaporean property developer Mapletree Investments, the real-estate arm of the state's investment company Temasek Holdings, plans to raise up to $1.36 billion by listing...