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Big data

Vietnam’s top IT companies reach over $16 billion in revenue

The turnover of Vietnam’s top 50 IT companies topped $16 billion last year and employment reached roughly 93,000 people, according to the Vietnam Software...
Grab to launch e-cash and Big Data-based micro lending in Thailand

Ride hailing company Grab in its drive to expand in the financial services sector is planning to launch e-cash and micro lending in Thailand,...
Singapore’s central bank chief thinks of fintech as “another hype”

Singapore's central bank chief Ravi Menon warned against the wave of technology that's is currently disrupting the financial services industry, calling such "another hype"...
Dubai’s Next Ace: Becoming the Scholar of Smart Cities

No stranger to pioneering firsts, the government of Dubai has embarked on a mission to create the "smartest city in the world.” In the report...
Indian entrepreneur launches Big Data site in Singapore

An Indian entrepreneur has launched a content and resource aggregation website in Singapore on November 26 which aims to be a one-stop shop for...

“Data scientists”, a new species of IT employees, are in high demand. Data scientists are an evolution from the business or data analyst role - and bring in much sought-after business acumen to articulate findings to a business audience.