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Malaysia says it is ready to help Mindanao out of poverty

Malaysian businesses are ready to help the southern Philippine island of Mindanao out of poverty through targeted investments that would help the region develop...
Sarawak: Push for common visa with Brunei, Indonesia

Malaysia's largest state of Sarawak is pushing to reach an agreement on  a single visa between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to ease travel for...
AirAsia chiefs slams new Brunei carrier

Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Asia's biggest budget carrier, has warned Brunei's new low-cost airline Darussalam Air not to have "a monopolistic mindset" once...
Chief Minister: ‘Sabah can be next Dubai’

The vision to make Sabah the ‘next Dubai’ was achievable "through continued close partnership between the state government and the manufacturing and industrial sectors",...
Brunei invests in Philippine rice plantations

A Brunei company, Four Bays Iman Sdn Bhd (FBIS), has signed an agreement with SL Agritech of the Philippines to jointly develop 2,000 hectares...
Brunei set to become a major hub of BIMP-EAGA

Brunei could greatly improve its role in the region as a major business and transport hub within the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines-East ASEAN Growth...
ASEAN’s southern grouping gets active

An effective force in ASEAN has recently been making headlines. As opposed to the their counterpart in the Mekong region (a union defined by...
Brunei’s Darussalam Air set for take-off in 2014

Brunei’s new low-cost carrier Darussalam Air has scheduled its first operations to begin in the first quarter of 2014, prioritising the Umrah pilgrimage market. With...
ASEAN Muslim grouping highly lists food security

The ASEAN grouping representing the southern swathe of Southeast Asian Muslims has made a joint push for hybrid rice farming to up production, it...

Despite still unresolved conflicts between military groups and authorities in some parts on Mindanao, the Philippines' southernmost province keeps building up its economy. The latest...
Philippines’ south ponders halal water

The Philippines’ southern island of Mindanao is looking to attract foreign investors into the early stages of its halal industry, naming the potential of...
Removing obstacles on the way to ASEAN integration

What recently had happened close to Brunei’s border – the “invasion” of the Royal Army of Sulu in Sabah – is an object lesson of what kind of obscure problems the ASEAN integration is still facing.
Sweetening the soured reputation of PPPs

With the rising role the private sector is playing in the development of transport and energy infrastructure, the public-private partnership model seems unavoidable, writes Justin Calderon.
Sarawak, Sabah scratch MASwings plans

The state governments of Sarawak and Sabah have withdrawn its initial plans to buy stakes in Malaysia Airlines' regional carrier MASwings Sarawak's Minister of Tourism,...