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New Vietnam Bitcoin company declared illegal

Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has warned the first online Vietnam Bitcoin Trading Centre (VBTC) is illegal and all of its trading...
Singapore fears money laundering through Bitcoin

The Singapore government has said it plans to regulate virtual-currency intermediaries including operators of Bitcoin exchanges and vending machines to address potential money-laundering and...
First Bitcoin ATMs open in Singapore, Hong Kong

Even though the recent bankruptcy filing of Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has shaken the Bitcoin community, there seems to be still enough confidence...
Vietnam bans use of Bitcoin

The government and the State Bank of Vietnam do not recognise Bitcoin as a means of payment in the territories of Vietnam, a release...
Philippines gets its first Bitcoin exchange

A new online Bitcoin exchange,, has been launched in the Philippines, offering an alternative method of sending money to the Philippines, according to bitcoin...
Singapore gives thumbs up to Bitcoin

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has said that it will neither interfere with Bitcoin trading in the city state nor regulate the virtual...
Bitcoin finds market in Indonesia

The digital currency Bitcoin meets rising interest in Indonesia as the country's official currency, the rupiah, has dropped sharply over the past months and...
Thailand first country to ban digital currency Bitcoin

Thailand has banned the global peer-to-peer payment network Bitcoin after the country's central bank decided that Bitcoin "is not a currency". Bitcoin said on its...