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Boeing 777


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in an early morning statement on August 5 announced that international experts examining debris washed up on La Reunion...
Philippine Airlines allowed to add more US flights

American aviation authorities cleared Philippine Airlines to increase flights to the US after safety standards improved and the European Union opened its skies to...
Malaysia Airlines, Boeing face multimillion-dollar lawsuit

Malaysia Airlines and Boeing are facing a potential lawsuit over the Beijing-bound flight that disappeared more than two weeks ago with 239 people on...
MH370 case shows Malaysia gvmt’s disorganisation

Confusion in the global community and frustration among the passengers' relatives of missing flight Malaysia Airlines MH370 grew as a high military official first...
Four scenarios for missing flight MH370

A Boeing 777, one of the world's most reliable aircraft, is missing over a busy area and no one knows why. In a report on...
Search for MH370 plane turns to disaster recovery

Malaysia Airlines said on March 9 it now feared the worst for its missing plane carrying 239 people, more than a day after it...
Terrorist attack possible in missing flight MH370

Authorities searching for the lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 did not rule out terrorism on March 9 in the plane’s sudden and stunning disappearance...
Massive search for flight MH370 – see passenger list

A massive search and rescue mission has been mobilised by Malaysian and international authorities following the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane en route...
Singapore Airlines discontinues world’s longest flight

The world's longest nonstop commercial flight, linking Singapore with Newark Airport in New Jersey, US, at a flight time of almost 19 hours, will...