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Philippine officials downplay safety risks as travel warnings mount

Despite a rising number of travel warnings after violent attacks in popular tourist spots in the Philippines and ecurity concerns over mass killings in...
Philippines to miss tourism targets due to disaster

The Philippines is unlikely to hit its earlier target of five million tourists in 2013 due to the disastrous typhoon Haiyan and an October...
Philippine’s third quarter GDP growth hit by disasters

The Philippine economy may have grown slower in the third quarter of 2013 because of the monsoon and typhoon shocks as well as the...
The power of the Philippine earthquake on videovideo

A bystander captured the moment a bell tower of Philippines' oldest church in Cebu, the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, collapses during the devastating...
God in the Philippines

Of all the amazing things to see and experience on a trip to the Philippines, one of the best kept secrets is the abundance...
Philippines: The 5 best beaches besides Boracay

It can be said, perhaps here more than anywhere, that “life is a beach.” The Philippines is blessed with some of the world’s most...
Philippines to train 5,000 tourism workers

A multi-million dollar grant provided by the Canadian government will be used to train 5,000 Filipino workers, Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Ramon Jimenez,...
Philippine PPPs queue up investors

The bidding deadline for the Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s new terminal, part of the Philippine government’s dense list of PPPs, has been extended to April...
Philippines Tourism Interview – Best-kept secret

The Philippine tourism industry is expected to become the ignition behind the country’s job machine in the years to come, Inside Investor learned..