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Brunei government

Taxi business needs more competition in Brunei

After reading about a taxi driver pleading to have the government curb “illegal” taxi drivers in this local article, I am tempted to say...
Brunei’s brain drain problem can be addressed

Brunei has a high living standard, its residents are wealthy, the country is safe and clean, all infrastructure is in place and all public...
Brunei’s growth will depend on diversification

The United Nation's recently published Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2013 shed an interesting light on GDP growth expectations of...

Agriculture is the next sector the Brunei government has set sights on to transform its oil-dependent economy, a forward-thinking measure that future generations will certainly be thankful for.

Brunei has still to fully develop its Islamic finance sector. There are great opportunities for foreign Islamic banking institutions to forge ties with the Brunei government and its banking institutions in pushing the business.

Gleneagles JPMC is a private specialist hospital in Brunei, established in 2002 as a joint venture between Parkway Pantai and the government of Brunei. Inside investor asked CEO Dr. Peter Tay about the latest developments.

The Brunei government plans to enhance the maritime industry in the nation and had the Marine Department on February 9 sign an agreement with...

Japan's Mitsubishi Corp. has taken on innovative projects to support Brunei in its aim to diversify its economy. Inside Investor talked to country manager Osamu Ito.