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Switzerland won’t return 1MDB profits to Malaysia

Switzerland’s parliament rejected a bid to amend the law handling ill-gotten bank profits seized by authorities that had aimed to return funds linked to...
DiCaprio feels the heat over alleged 1MDB benefits

Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio was faced with protest by a number of anti-corruption activists from Malaysia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom when he arrived...
Actor DiCaprio feels the heat of 1MDB scandal

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, starring in "The Wolf of Wall Street," a movie believed to have been indirectly financed by funds misappropriated from Malaysia's state-owned...
Sarawak CM allegedly sold US property for $17m

The outgoing chief minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud, and his family have sold off property in San Francisco for 55.9 million ringgit ($16.94 million),...
Sarawak tribes blockade Baram dam site

Hundreds of tribes people on October 24 blockaded the construction site of the new Baram dam which will force them from their homes in...