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BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund

Thai baht in free fall

The ongoing political protests in Bangkok have sent the Thai baht tumbling against major currencies over the past days. On November 27, the Thai...
Thailand gets first REIT

The Thai capital market expects its first ever real estate investment trust (REIT) in the 4th quarter 2013, issued by Impact Exhibition Management, the...

The newly listed infrastructure fund of Bangkok's Skytrain operator BTS received an overwhelming response when it listed on April 19 at the Stock Exchange...

Investing through infrastructure funds is possibly one of the most attractive ways to take part in the upswing of Southeast Asia’s economy, mainly for the predictable and reliable long-term cash flow streams.

Bangkok's mass transit company BTS Group Holdings, operator of the city's elevated rail system Skytrain, has been given the nod by the Thai Securities...