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Burger King

Finally, McDonald’s ventures into Communist heartland Hanoi

US fast food chain McDonald’s, the epitome of capitalism, on December 2 finally opened its first store in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, one of the...
McDonald’s Enters Vietnam…Burger War Kicks Off!

US fast food chain McDonald's this weekend will open its first restaurant in Vietnam by entering a new Southeast Asian country for the first...
McDonald’s in Vietnam: Let the burger war begin

Vietnam may be closer to biting into its first Big Mac than earlier expected, but when McDonald’s finally opens its first outlet it’ll find...
Finally: Hard Rock Cafe goes Cambodia

The iconic US restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe will open two restaurants in Cambodia in cooperation with two local firms, the Florida-based company...
Jollibee launches burger offensive

Philippine’s fast-food giant Jollibee Foods Corp will allocate $135 million of its 2013 capital expenditure to expand its brand through the establishment of 300...
Starbucks, McDonald’s go Vietnam

The world's largest coffee-shop chain, Starbucks, will open its first Vietnam cafe in early February 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City as part of...