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More Myanmar businesses opened to foreign investors

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has expanded the list of businesses that can be owned 100 per cent by foreign investors, as the country...
Philippines gets investment task force

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has created an inter-agency task force that will help investors do business in the country, the government in Manila...
Myanmar assembly rejects investment cap

Foreign investors are now allowed to take 80 per cent share of a joint venture with Myanmar nationals in restricted businesses, the country's legislative...
Myanmar to reform investment body

A new set of reforms drafted for the Myanmar investment law includes a proposal to transform the Myanmar Investment Commission from a government-appointed body...
Myanmar gives clearer path to investors

The Myanmar government on January 31 released bylaws to its foreign investment law, clarifying specific conditions for the entry of foreign capital in various ...
Myanmar Parliament Meeting

Parliament drops controversial $5 million minimum investment clause and raises foreign ownership allowance from 49 to 50 per cent in its meeting on Friday,...
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