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Cambodia elections

Sale of Phnom Penh Post heralds end of independent press in Cambodia

Cambodia's leading English-language daily, Phnom Penh Post, has been sold by its Australian owner to a Malaysian public relations firm, a move that triggered...
Cambodia’s authoritarian leader will end like Mugabe, says opponent

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen will end his political life like Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, exiled former opposition chief Sam Rainsy told...
Cambodia’s political mess closely watched by international community

A group of 36 countries, including the United States and Japan, issued a statement expressing their concern about the current escalation of political tensions...
Mass protests in Cambodia rekindling

Cambodia's main opposition party has launched another mass demonstration in the capital on September 15 to step up pressure against Prime Minister Hun Sen...
Bomb explodes in front of Cambodian parliament

A bomb has detonated outside Cambodia’s National Assembly building in Phnom Penh on September 13, according to Twitter messages. The Phnom Penh Post also said...

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Riots and ATM queues after Cambodia elections

After the Cambodian opposition rejected the election result of July 28 that saw the ruling Cambodian People's Party win a small majority, riots broke...
Cambodia elections: Opposition could gain seats

The ongoing election in Cambodia on July 28 will highly likely result in a clear majority for Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party...