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Cambodia Securities Exchange

The Cambodia Securities Exchange in Phnom Penh The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) saw its sixth listing on May...
Cambodia stock exchange gets second listing

The number of companies on Cambodia's stock exchange doubled on June 16 - to two. The debut by a Taiwan garment maker is an...
Cambodia’s second IPO could be delayed

A Taiwanese-owned garment maker's plan to become just the second stock to be listed on the Cambodian stock exchange is set to be pushed...
Cambodia plans second-ever IPO

After nearly two years of idling, Cambodia's stock market is set for a rare initial public (IPO) offering by a garment company, the country's...
The tale of the sleepiest ASEAN bourses

Discounting Myanmar, which has yet to create a stock exchange of its own, the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) and Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) are...
Laos Bourse1

The stock exchanges of ASEAN countries are attracting increasing attention from foreign investors with capital markets in the 10 member-bloc showing a strong momentum...