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Indonesia Seeks Investment From Carmakers For E-vehicles

The Indonesian government is seeking investment from Renault and Volvo to make electric vehicles as the country targets...
Malaysia, Indonesia agree on joint production of new ASEAN car

Indonesia and Malaysia have reached a deal to set up a joint venture to produce the first fully local-made vehicle for domestic use and...
Tata Motors calls it quits in Thailand and moves production away

India’s Tata Motors in a press release issued on August 1 said that it decided to stop manufacturing operations in Thailand citing viability issues...
Malaysian’s don’t want another national car – Dr. M disappointed

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad showed disappointment in a blog post after many Malaysians seem to reject his idea of introducing a new national...
First glimpse into how Vietnam’s home-grown cars will look like

Vietnam is set to build up its own car industry, and it seems to have quite some good-looking designs in mind. Vinfast, the new...
Malaysia to pump more than $300 million into car maker Proton

Malaysia's homegrown and notoriously loss-making car brand Proton is getting financial assistance of up to 1.25 billion ringgit ($306 million) from the government as...
Myanmar’s car industry on the rise

Nissan has joined Suzuki in opening a car assembling facility in Myanmar, giving the dormant automotive industry in the country a much-needed push. Assembling...
Thailand loses auto investments to Indonesia

Indonesia has become increasingly successful in its bids to woo away investments of global car companies from Thailand. Honda opened its second car-manufacturing factory in...
Thailand’s next problem: Car output drops

One of the few Thai industry sectors that so far supported the country's already moderate 2013 GDP growth - besides tourism -, the car...
Brunei can benefit from Japan’s economic opening, if it happens

The recent visit of Brunei's leader to Japan has been an important step to intensify and promote bilateral economic ties as Japan has entered a new era of consolidating and restructuring its economy.
Photoblog: 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show

Thailand is the center of the Southeast Asian car industry and the fifth biggest vehicle producer in Asia. A fact that makes the Bangkok International Motor Show a big draw for the entire industry - and also for Inside Investor.
Cambodia wants its own car industry

Cambodia is planning to manufacture a domestic car brand after state-owned ACICA Automotive signed a $2 billion joint venture investment with UK-based BIW Automotive. The...
Nissan Thailand

The automobile industry in Thailand is in full swing, having completely recovered from the 2011 floods that forced major producers to close down factories...
Kiat Esemka

Indonesia is taking steps to build its own national car under the brand "Kiat Esemka". Prototypes have been developed by engineering students at a...
Board Of Investment Thailand

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) is the main facilitator of investment projects in the country. The state-run agency has seen a double-digit percentage growth...