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Proton sale: Malaysia’s ex-PM bemoans “loss of national car brand”

Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is not amused about the sale of a 49.9-per-cent stake of national car maker Proton to Chinese automotive...
Toyota to shift production from Thailand to Indonesia

Japanese car maker Toyota is gradually shifting its production bases from Thailand to Indonesia, starting with the production of the new Vios model at...
Cambodia’s home-grown electric car still parked

The first electric car in Cambodia, the locally produced Angkor EV 2013 that was unveiled in January 2013, is still parked due to a...
Angry Chinese destroys Maserati (video)video

In what can be seen as a lesson for Asian retailers to pay higher attention to customer service, a wealthy Chinese had his new...
Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is increasingly becoming an investors' darling for large multinational companies. Among the latest multi-million dollar commitments are considerable investment projects by Coca Cola,...