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Vietnam New Hotspot For Luxury Property

Vietnam has become a new preferred location for luxury property buyers, whether domestic or foreign, due to the country’s impressive economic growth and easier...
Singapore housing market recovers, prices could surge 20% this year

Singapore’s housing market is showing signs of recovery from a four-year slump even as officials watch cautiously after previous bouts of overheating. Property prices...
Singapore house prices surge fastest in eight years, recovery seen

Singapore reported its biggest quarterly jump in first-quarter 2018 private home prices in nearly eight years on April 27, a 3.9 per cent growth...
Vietnam property market back on its feet

Foreign real estate buyers are starting to take greater interest in the Vietnamese property market after a slew of legislative changes has given them...
Abu Dhabi rents hike in first quarter

Residential rents in Abu Dhabi partly rose up to 20 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2014, with affordability fast becoming a...
Abu Dhabi rents rose 16% in 2013

Rentals in the UAE's capital Abu Dhabi increased by an average of 16 per cent in 2013, with the strongest growth recorded during the...
Luzon a new investment hot spot

Luzon, the Philippines' largest island and northernmost region, has developed into a new investment destination, according to a report released by property company CBRE...
Vietnam Property1

Prices for apartments and offices in Vietnam are in free fall, clearly showing that a recent buying spree was far from being sustainable. According to...