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Indonesian firm to build $300m cement plant in Vietnam

State-run cement producer Semen Indonesia is planning to spend $300 million to establish a new plant in Vietnam next year as part of its...
Siam Cement to set up plant in the Philippines

Thailand's Siam Cement Group (SCG) is mulling to set up a pulpwood plantation and fiber cement board factory in the Philippines amid the country's...
Siam City Cement shelves $200m Cambodia project

Thailand’s second-largest cement company, Siam City Cement, has suspended a cement-plant project valued at about $200 million in Cambodia's Kampot province, citing "political uncertainty and...
Chile seeks investment in Thailand

Investors from Chile are looking at Thailand for investments in steel, fertiliser and pharmaceuticals,according to the Chilean Ambassador to the country, Javier Baker. Both countries...

1. You started out as a cement manufacturer and diversified into a range of sectors. Does this put you in an ideal position to meet...