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Vietnam plans industrial zone in Myanmar

Vietnam has expressed interest in a setting up of industrial zone focused on the manufacturing of basic wood products and gems and jewelry, according...
Philippine imports surge, rating affirmed by Fitch

Philippine imports surged 21.8 per cent in January 2014, their highest level in nearly three years, with imports of raw materials indicating further upward...
Malaysia’s exports up 12.2% in January

Malaysia's exports rose 12.2 per cent to 63.97 billion ringgit ($19.68 billion) in January 2014 while imports rose 7.2 per cent to 57.62 billion...
Thailand, Singapore forge closer trade ties

Thailand and Singapore will trade off their strengths to boost commerce and investment ahead of thedawning of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015,...
Malaysia approves 428 manufacturing projects worth $8.8b

The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) said on October 3 that it approved 428 manufacturing projects at an investment volume of RM28.3 billion ($8.8...

Thai companies are looking at investment opportunities on the Philippine island of Cebu, it emerged during a meeting between the Thai Trade Advisor Group...

Tokuyama Corporation from Japan has chosen Sarawak for its first-ever substantial manufacturing facility outside Japan which will produce silicon from 2013.