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Chiang Mai

Japan’s ANA buys stake in Myanmar airline

All Nippon Airways, or ANA, has said on August 27 it is buying a 49 per cent stake in Myanmar carrier Asian Wings Airways,...
Thailand’s homeless foreigners

"In Pattaya we see them sorting through the trash in front of McDonald's for something to eat, and hanging out in front of restaurants...
Thailand’s high-speed train tickets ‘too expensive’

The Thai government's ambitious plan to construct a high-speed train network in the country will be a big failure, critics claim, as ticket prices...
Thailand expects 1 million MICE visitors in 2013

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau in a statement on July 1 said it expects the number of business visitors in the meeting, events,...

Incongruously nestled in a swanky business district of Bangkok, a humble looking coffee house with a Thai-style traditional rooftop has started to stir things...

Thailand now has its first resort-style shopping mall, the Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai which opened its first phase on June 7. The Promenada is...
Thailand’s Nok Air challenges AirAsia with Myanmar flights

Thailand-based Nok Air has said it wants to set up a route network to second-tier cities in Myanmar from provincial airports in Thailand in...
Thailand shines as movie location (video)

Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in ASEAN, is also proving to be an increasingly magnetic location for foreign films makers, as can be seen from the latest blockbuster "Lost in Thailand".
Thailand on ambitious solar power push

With an official government development plan due in June 2013, Thailand is set to retain its reputation as ASEAN’s most aggressive developer of solar...
The ups and downs of ADB’s past 4 presidents

A Japanese male has traditionally helmed the Asian Development Bank since 1966, bringing into the fold extensive experience from the financial realm – and the newest president of the bank is no different.
At 250 km per hour to Pattaya

People who are in a rush to reach the popular Thai beach resort of Pattaya can be helped soon. The government in Bangkok has...
Pitsuwan aims at role in Thai government

Former ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan, who handed over his post to Vietnamese diplomat Le Luong Minh on January 1, 2013, is openly pitching for...
Thailand to invest heavily in railways

The lion's share of Thailand's infrastructure investment will flow into the upgrade of the country's overburdened railway network, according to the Thai finance ministry.A...