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Chinese visitors

Cambodia’s economic growth to reach 7.3% this year

Cambodia’s economy is expected to grow by 7.3 per cent this year, spurred by the robust performance of garment exports, tourism and construction, deputy...
Thailand’s tourism hit hard as Chinese visitor numbers drop almost 20%

Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sport has admitted that the number Chinese tourists to Thailand fell by 19.8 per cent in October compared to...
Malaysia hopes to welcome 30 million tourists by 2020

Malaysia's Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is targeting 30 million tourist arrivals in Malaysia by 2020, state news agency Bernama reported. Deputy tourism minister...
Brunei discovers tourism can be business – sets target of 450,000 visitors by 2020

The sleepy mini-state of Brunei Darussalam squeezed within Sarawak in the north of Borneo Island is set to give its underdeveloped tourism industry a...
Tourism arrivals in Laos down by almost 10% this year

In a stark contrast to its regional peers, where tourism is booming, Laos was faced with a drop in tourism arrivals by 9.1 per...