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London-headquartered cigarette maker British American Tobacco (BAT) will withdraw from military-ruled Myanmar by the end of this year and cease all of its operations...
Indulging in Thailand becomes more expensive

After a long and secretive preparation phase, Thailand on September 16 finally introduced an amended excise tax law for taxes levied on cigarettes, alcoholic...
Japan Tobacco buys Philippine cigarette maker for close to $1 billion

Just  shortly after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte imposed a nationwide law that prohibits smoking in public, Japan Tobacco,  the world's fourth-largest tobacco manufacturer, thought...
Smoking ban comes into force in the Philippines

Hard times for smokers in the Philippines began on July 23 when a nationwide smoking ban decree signed by President Rodrigo Duterte back in...
Thailand to provide low-cost cigarettes to the poor

Thailand isn't normally known to be a social welfare paradise, but at least smoking should now become more affordable for the less fortunate. The...