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Citibank Philippines

Union Bank of the Philippines has been named as preferred bidder by Citibank for the latter’s consumer banking division in the Philippines, Bloomberg News...
Philippines’ GDP growth to outpace China’s from 2016

Economic growth in the Philippines will overtake China’s by 2016 as the former country continues to be an outperformer due to a strong domestic...
Indonesia plans restrictions on foreign banks

A new draft of Indonesia's banking bill has revealed that lawmakers will proceed with a plan to restrict the operation of foreign banks, setting...
Study: Dubai property market can absorb 25,000 units a year

High growth in Dubai’s population means that the emirate can absorb 25,000 new units a year without oversupply, according to a Citibank study. The...
Singapore challenges Las Vegas in casino revenue

With $5.85 billion of revenue from its two casino complexes in 2012, Singapore is snapping at the heels of Las Vegas for second place....
Benefiting from big data

Individuals are benefiting from the new cost structures associated with big data, as more data is widely available for free or at little cost, it turned out at the Economist's Information Forum 2013 conference held in San Francisco on June 4, 2013.
Cambodia considers sovereign bond issue

Cambodia has reiterated that it is mulling the issuance of sovereign bonds, it emerged at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)'s annual summit in India...
Indonesia to be top 10 economy by 2025

The Indonesian economy could grow to be among the world’s top ten largest by 2025 if more investments are placed in manufacturing, infrastructure development...
Vietnam top stocks: Consumer, agriculture, export

Saigon Securities, or SSI, is Vietnam's largest brokerage firm. Inside investor asked Chairman and CEO Nguyen Duy Hung for a quick update on the Vietnam market and SSI's bets picks.
Call Center

The Philippines is predicted to overtake India’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry by 2015, building steam off of its favourable demographics and an English-proficient...
Maybank 1

The development of capital markets in Malaysia has brought about the expansion of services of Malaysia’s investment banks across equity capital markets, debt capital markets, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and syndicated loans.

According to Citibank’s chief economist for the Middle East, Qatar is unlikely to reap any economic benefit from hosting the 2022 World Cup.  After...

After a bizarre series of events, Indonesian regulators have imposed serious sanctions on Citibank Indonesia.  They will be prevented from opening new branches for...