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US firms in Malaysia not amused about boycott action

Calls by some Malaysian politicians and Muslim activists to boycott Israel- and US-related products after US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the...
Advertising spending in Myanmar surges

The recent entry of many international brands has led to a boom in advertising expenditure in Myanmar, increasing five-fold to some $118 million in...
Coca-Cola plans more factories in Myanmar

US soft drink company Coca-Cola wants to build more factories to satisfy the growing demand in Myanmar as the two existing factories currently in...
AmCham opens Myanmar chapter

The American Chamber of Commerce launched its Myanmar chapter in Yangon at the end of October, the US Embassy said in a statement. The US...
Coke steps up production in Myanmar

US soft drink giant Coca-Cola, which resumed business Myanmar on June 4, 2013 after a six decade-long absence, said it is planning to expand...
Prestigious event raises Myanmar’s profile

The World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia 2013 puts Myanmar in the spotlight. The country has received massive investment pledges in the line-up to the prestigious conference, but with high potential also comes risk.
Unilever steps into Myanmar fold

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods producer Unilever began factory operations in Myanmar on June 4, the same day Coca-Cola restarted bottling in the country after an...
Coca-Cola starts bottling in Myanmar

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola began bottling its famous beverage in Myanmar on June 4 for the first time in over six decades, making the...
Finally: Starbucks set to enter Myanmar

Starbucks has set its sight on tapping coffee lovers in Myanmar as part of its expansion in Southeast Asia, the company's CEO Howard Schultz...
Action club

Inside Investor met with Peter Perfecto, Executive Director of the Makati Business Club which represents over 800 top executives in the Philippines.
US targets investments in the Philippines

Top-notch companies from the US have been on a business delegation to the Philippines from January 23 to 25 to identify investment opportunities in...
Coke bottles sustainability with a lot of committments

One of the largest employers in the world, Coca-Cola, serves 300 million customers every day. Inside Investor asked Gürtay Kipcak, Director of Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group, to explain the giant company’s goals for 2020.
Searching for soul in a brand

There are many facets to how a brand is built. Yet when you break down the many strong national brands globally, you can't but ask what were the bases to their creation, their formation and their endurance, writes Firoz Abdul Hamid.
Coke gets permission for Myanmar plant

The world's largest soft drink maker Coca Cola Company received permission from the Myanmar Investment Commission on December 28 to construct a factory in...
Myanmar Textile Factory

A Myanmar consumer goods company is planning a special industrial zone between Yangon and Bago to set up textile and garment factories, news portal...

Companies and investors from Singapore, mainly from the engineering, energy and banking sectors, are increasingly flocking to newly-opened Myanmar to tap into a vast...
THP Group Headquarters

Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group, a beer and soft drink maker based in Ho Chi Minh City, is looking for foreign investors because it...

Asked where they would currently see the biggest opportunities for profitable investments in ASEAN, Inside Investor readers voted equally for Myanmar and Indonesia as the countries where things are happening.