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Dili, the capital of the fifth-youngest nation on earth, East Timor, is an odd place within Southeast Asia for people used to the hustle...
Indonesia to trade palm oil and coffee for Russian fighter jets

In good old COMECON style, Russia will accept payments from Indonesia for Russian-built fighter planes in commodities such as palm oil and coffee, reports...
How Thailand tackled its opium growing problem

A few decades ago, life in the hill tribes area in northern Thailand was no bed of roses. The region between Chiang Rai and...
Vinacafé the next mega-IPO in Vietnam

Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, the nation’s largest state-owned coffee producer known for its Vinacafé brand, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) next year...
Vietnam’s economy in first slowdown in four years

Vietnam's economy expanded an estimated 6.21 per cent this year, slightly less than in 2015 and marking the first slowdown in four years, but...
Laotian coffee company readies for AEC expansion

Dao-Heuang Group, a major Laotian company specialising in coffee, is aggressively investing in regional countries including Thailand and Vietnam ahead of implementation of the...
Vietnam’s coffee industry turns bitter

The fall in global coffee prices, mismanagement and piling bank debts of producers have put a strong burden on Vietnam's coffee sector. The Vietnam Coffee...
Starbucks claims robust Vietnam revenues

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has announced that the coffee house giant’s first outlet in Ho Chi Minh City posted better revenues than expected after...