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DAFZA transforms into a wireless smart city

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is transforming into a wireless smart city, becoming the first free zone in the region to integrate free WiFi...
Singapore, Norway, UAE lead in digital government

A new comparative study by Accenture has found that Singapore, Norway and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) rank first, second and third, respectively, among...
Philippines suffers Anonymous cyber attacks

The infamous hacker group Anonymous has been unleashing cyber-attacks and defacing websites belonging to Australian businesses and Philippine government agencies, no more than a...
Malaysia, China set trade target of $160b by 2017

Malaysia and China have set a bilateral trade target of $160 billion by 2017, as agreed between Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak and China's...
Brunei, solid as a rock during volatile times

Economic growth of some ASEAN countries seems to have hit a speed bump lately. A combination of Indonesia's record current account gap, Thailand's economic...

Economic growth in the Sultanate of Brunei slowed to an estimated one per cent in 2012, owing to weakness in production and exports of crude oil, which is way below all other ASEAN peers except Singapore.

Thai companies were hitting record highs in sales of $339 billion in 2012 and showed a 15.67 per cent growth in net profits compared...

The recently signed peace deal in the Philippines' troubled southern Mindanao region has prompted a number of countries to step up their investment and...