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Computer network security

Malware, piracy obstruct Vietnam’s digital economy

Vietnam's plans for establishing a digital economy faces headwinds. According to experts, most of the software used in the country is pirated, and computer...
Malaysia blocked over 6,600 websites

Malaysia's Communications and Multimedia Ministry has blocked 6,640 internet sites that breached the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. Furthermore, more than twenty cases are...
Brunei to host Cyber Security Awareness Week 2013

The Authority for Infocommunications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) in collaboration with the E-Government National Centre (EGNC) and the Information Technology Protective Security...
Cyberattacks from Indonesia surging

Internet attacks originating from Indonesia have seen a surge in the first quarter of 2013, jumping from below 1 per cent of the world's...