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Singapore cracks down on “shoe box”-sized apartments

Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on October 18 announced an upcoming regulatory change for the city state’s property developers, mandating that the average size...
Philippines: Condo market sees strong growth

The booming real estate market in the Philippines makes investment in property evermore attractive - especially in premium and high-end condominiums in a sector...
Vietnam property market back on its feet

Foreign real estate buyers are starting to take greater interest in the Vietnamese property market after a slew of legislative changes has given them...
Bangkok property market remains hot for investors

Despite concerns about an oversupply of new condominiums and apartments in Thailand’s capital Bangkok which could put pressure on prices and increase vacancy rates,...
Apartment rents in Myanmar rise by 10 to 35%

Residential rents in Yangon are up by 10 to 35 per cent in comparison to last year, according to a real estate market survey. Rents...
Property prices in Myanmar spiraling

Want to invest into a land plot in downtown Yangon? For a standard size of around 1,000 square meters be ready to shell out...

SM Development Corporation, a property firm owned by the Philippines' richest man, Henry Sy, is planning to open an office in Dubai to cater...