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It’s Settled: Indonesia Moves Capital City

Jakarta is overcrowded and sinking into the sea Indonesian President Joko Widodo has approved a long-term plan for the...
On-demand bus trial starts in Singapore

Singapore is launching a six-month trial of an on-demand public bus service on December 1, using technology to reduce congestion and costs in what...
Hanoi’s new utopia: No more motorcycles by 2025

Vietnam's capital Hanoi in a radical step presented a concept of completely banning the ubiquitous motorcycles clogging its streets by 2025, a move that...
Thailand, Philippines among countries with worst traffic globally

Thailand and the Philippines are among the top 5 countries globally with the worst traffic conditions, according to a new ranking by online database Numbeo....

Vietnam will have to deal with 36 million motorcycles and 3.5 million automobiles by 2020, according to a plan for road traffic development passed...