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Foxconn to replace tens of thousands of factory workers by robots

Taiwanese electronic giant Foxconn, the world's largest contract manufacturer for consumer electronics including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Playstation and Xbox, as well as many types...
Samsung to invest $300 million in new R&D center in Vietnam

South Korea's electronics giant Samsung received approval from the Vietnam government to build a $300 million research and development center in the capital Hanoi....
Samsung to invest $560 million in Vietnam TV production plant

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. will build a $560 million industrial complex in Vietnam to produce consumer electronics (CE) to meet growing...
Foxconn to start Indonesia operations in 2014

Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group wants to jump-start a new manufacturing operation in Indonesia in 2014, an investment pledge that has been delayed several times.Since...
Filipino appetite for mobile computing growing

According to a recent telecom industry market research study, Filipinos are increasingly hooked on mobile technology. The report, by TNS Philippines, found that most...
Philips to set up shop in Myanmar

Dutch electronics group Philips plans to expand its consumer electronics and healthcare business in Myanmar, bolstered by the European Union's recent decision to permanently...