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South Korean companies are getting ready to capitalise on the growing popularity of K-pop artists in Indonesia...
Malaysia enters cultural exchange cooperation with North Korea

Malaysia, one of the few countries globally that have close diplomatic relations with North Korea and of the even fewer ones for which North...

Tourism to the Philippines has been on a strong upward trajectory over the past years. The rise of visitor numbers to the country is...
Colombian burns Philippine Miss Universe effigy, says sorry

A video went viral on the Internet with a Colombian man burning an effigy of Pia Wurtzbach, the Philippine lady who won the recent...
Brilliant short film depicts Thailand’s stark contrasts (video)video

A short film produced by New Zealand director Justin Heaney - Thailand: In The Garden of The Dragon - cut from footage he shot...
Malaysia censors pig pictures in newspaper

In what it defended to be "standard protocol" in Malaysia, the company that prints the International New York Times in the country, KHL Printing...