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currency rate

Myanmar's currency, the kyat, became Asia’s best performing currency in US dollar terms so far this year....
Indonesia stops energy projects worth $25 billion as rupiah hits 20-year low

Indonesia plans to delay $25 billion worth of power projects as it seeks to rein in a widening current-account deficit and a selloff in...
Indonesian businesses asked to start hedging “beyond usual” as rupiah tumbles

Indonesia’s central bank on April 25 urged businesses in the country to hedge their foreign exchange needs beyond minimum requirements, as policymakers seek to...
Malaysian ringgit at lowest level in decades

The ringgit weakened the most last week in Asia against the US dollar, reaching a level it last saw in two decades, ending trade...
Thailand worried about strong baht

The Thai government, domestic economists and export associations have expressed deep concern about the continued appreciation of the country's currency, which is now predicted...