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Philippine peso region’s worst performing currency, more downside seen

The Philippine peso on August 14 sailed through the 51:1 barrier against the US dollar, a value not seen since August 2006, bringing about...
Philippine economic growth expected to slow down in 2017

Growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the Philippines is seen to slow down this year, at least as per the forecast of UK...
Myanmar economy loosing steam, reforms urgently needed

Myanmar, until recently perceived as the new tiger cub success story of Southeast Asia after the country's "soft opening" in 2011 under then-president Thein...
Indonesia revives plan to cut three zeros from its rupiah banknotes

Just on the day when Indonesia's central bank revealed newly designed rupiah notes that will replace the ones in use since the year 2000,...
Malaysia’s ringgit hit hard amid geopolitical changes

Malaysia's currency slid to levels last seen during the Asian financial crisis in 1998, reaching 4.4438 to the US dollar in November 23 trading...
Philippine economy to grow up to 7.5% in 2014

The Philippines' First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC), the investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group, said the Philippine economy is expected to continue its...
Malaysia central bank warns of Bitcoin

Malaysia’s central bank has voiced concern about the virtual currency Bitcoin on January 3 but stopped short of banning the virtual currency, Dow Jones...
Singapore grows as offshore yuan hub

The total amount of yuan cleared in Singapore from end May to end December 2013 amounted to 2.6 trillion yuan (around $430 billion), latest...
Vietnam plans to tighten foreign exchange rules

Vietnam reportedly plans to set up a new regulation under which foreign residents can no longer deposit foreign currencies at banks in Vietnam. The State...
China, Singapore allow direct renminbi trading

China and Singapore have agreed to allow direct trading between each other's currency, Singapore's central bank said on October 22. The move, along with other...
Asia’s worst currency: The rupiah

Indonesia's currency, the rupiah, has topped India's rupee in being the worst-performing currency in Asia since June, Japanese investment house Nomura said. The currency has...
ASEAN currencies in defence position benefit investors

The sudden weakness of Southeast Asian currencies, which last month retreated the most in a year after a series of fiscal measures in the...
Thailand growth slowing on strong baht

Thailand's export-oriented economy cooled down in the first quarter of 2013, mostly due to the strong currency, the baht, which is on the highest...
Philippines struggle to curb strong peso

The Philippines by the end of the year 2012 have intensified efforts to contain the surge of the country's currency, imposing a ceiling on...
China Yuan

China’s currency, the yuan, is becoming increasingly popular among Gulf countries in trade transactions because of China’s growing economic influence and uncertainties surrounding other major currencies.