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Cyber security

Cambodia to hold first-ever IT camp

Cambodia’s first ever computing camp is due to be held in Siem Reap this month to promote literacy on cyber security, open-source software, social...
Cambodia under cyberattack, political background suspected

Cambodia's private and public computer networks have become targets of malicious code unique to the country which is activated through spam emails and phishing...
Thailand needs 800 more cyber security specialists

Thailand, which is currently promoting its Thailand 4.0 strategy that aims at transforming the country's economy into a information technology- and knowledge-driven one, is...
Vietnam hacker group accused of spying on companies, journalists

A hacker group in Vietnam called APT32 has allegedly carried out cyber espionage attacks against multinational companies in Vietnam, as well as against corporations...
Global Cyber Attack cripples Computers in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has not been spared by the global cyber attack that affected so far around 50,000 computers in nearly 100 countries all around...
Vietnam sees Digital India as role model for IT development

Vietnam seeks to deploy India's model for a digital economy in order to boost its own information technology landscape. This will be done through...
Thailand on track for $37b Internet market

Thailand, which has one of the highest mobile Internet usage rates in Southeast Asia, is set to to reach $37 billion in revenues within...
Defense group BAE to expand in Malaysia

UK-based global defense, aerospace and security company BAE Systems said it plans to make Malaysia its global delivery hub for the group's security solutions...
ASEAN warned to step up cyber defense

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called On November 14 on ASEAN members to strengthen their cyber security systems, media reports said. He was...