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Internet companies hit by Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law

A law requiring Internet companies in Vietnam to remove content the country’s authorities deem to be against the state came into effect January 1,...
Vietnam deploys cyber warfare troop of 10,000

Vietnam has unveiled a new, 10,000-strong military cyber warfare unit to counter “wrong” views on the Internet, media reported, amid a widening crackdown on...
Most global cyberattacks launched from Singapore, IT security firm says

Singapore has transformed into a global hub for cyberattacks and overtaken nations such as the US, Russia and China in this role, at least...
Singapore sets up cybersecurity academy

The Singapore government is launching a new training center focused on cyber threats under the Cyber Security Agency. It will be an academy to...
Philippine presidential election, 2016: Get to know the contenders

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay is calling for a “stronger national cybersecurity policy,” as cyber-attacks increasingly threaten the government, businesses, and individuals in the...