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Data management

Smart city networks market to reach $3.5b by 2020

According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide revenues from communication nodes for smart cities, and the infrastructure and services to support them,...
Indian entrepreneur launches Big Data site in Singapore

An Indian entrepreneur has launched a content and resource aggregation website in Singapore on November 26 which aims to be a one-stop shop for...
Big Data World Show in Kuala Lumpur – Not to be missed!

More than 150 big data professionals from different industries including finance, telecommunications, government, and healthcare will come together to attend the Big Data World...

“Data scientists”, a new species of IT employees, are in high demand. Data scientists are an evolution from the business or data analyst role - and bring in much sought-after business acumen to articulate findings to a business audience.

IT companies in ASEAN are planning to stock up data storage capacities in the region by up to 40 per cent until 2015 on...