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Philippines bullish on investment grade

The Philippines expects to get the much-awaited investment grade status by international rating agencies Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch in about 6 to...
Vietnam struggles to boost economy

Facing a stubbornly slow transition from a state-dominated to a market-oriented economy, Vietnam has now approved a master plan focusing on restructuring public investment,...

Malaysia’s established sukuk market and bank liquidity has perked the interest of Middle East institutions looking to issue debt into the Southeast Asian country. According...
Koid Swee Lian CEO AKPK Small

AKPK was set up in 2006 and aims to promote financial wellness among Malaysians by empowering them to be financially savvy through consumer education, credit counselling, and debt management programmes.

In a desperate bid to manage its $10.9 billion dollar in debt, Nakheel plans to pay off up to 60% of its outstanding balances...